My projects (in progress)

Sustainable digital - reducing carbon footprint (UI), consideration of an official government climate action plan

Public service πŸ” | 2023

Product Design - innovation, data analysis, new features, testing, business challenges (campaigns...)

Public service πŸ” | 2023

UI Design - UI Kit (graphic components, rules...), collaboration to build a storybook (front-end development)

Public service πŸ” | 2023

UX-UI Design - designing pages and user journeys, user testing, iterative methodology

Public service πŸ” | 2022 - 2023

Competition and creativity: stimulating the generation of creative ideas by out-group competitors

Research Study - 2021

The Effect of Expected Evaluation on Creative Idea Generation during Adolescence

Research Study - 2018

Conceptual UI Design - visuel identity, architecture, co-conception, wireframes...

Public service πŸ” | 2022

Collaborative Work and Creativity: Detrimental Effects of Group Work on the Generation of Creative Ideas

Research Study - 2020

User research, Project Scoping - exploration, user interviews, client needs and existing data analysis

Public service πŸ” | 2022

The Role of Coaction in the Influence of Social Comparison on the Generation of Creative Ideas

Research Study - 2019