🔎 Background

After completing my Ph.D. in Cognitive Science in 2021, I trained in graphic design (UI) and UX methodologies.

In February 2022, I joined Octo Technology (Paris, France) as a UX-UI Design Consultant and was promoted to the role of Product Designer, Intermediate Consultant in November 2022.

I leverage my expertise in research, human behaviour and statistics to design digital products that are sustainable, accessible, user-centered, and data-driven.

🚀 Relevance of my academic research background as a Product Designer

  1. The scientific approach employed in academic research is entirely applicable in the field of digital product design. The rigour inherent in this approach helps mitigate risks related to our interpretations and decision-making.

  2. The field of cognitive science is an integral part of our work as Product Designers. Understanding human behaviour, attitudes, beliefs, and mental patterns is essential for working on digital interfaces, in particular on user experience.

  3. Both qualitative and quantitative methods used in academic research are equally crucial in the field of digital product design. Being able to observe or conduct user tests is as important as being able to collect quantitative data, examine, understand, and analyse it.