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List of resources and communications in descending chronological order : thesis, articles, conferences, presentations, template…


On Medium (English version):
  • Article [CP1]Cognitive Psychology: A Necessity for Human-Centred Design
  • Article [CP2]Visual Perception: How Does Our Brain Shape Our View of Reality?
  • Article [CP3]Visual Perception: The 5 Laws to Apply Absolutely!
  • Article [CP4]Auditory Perception: Understanding and Applying Its Principles
  • Article [CP5]The perception-action through affordance: ingenuity or illusion? Is intuitive truly possible?

On OCTO Technology’s blog (French version): 


  • Conference at Total Energies | Title: “Cognitive Psychology in Design” | Paris, France (November 2023)
  • Scientific article (under review) in “International Journal of Design Creativity and Innovation” | Title: “How do out-group and in-group competitions influence idea generation in creative problem solving?”
  • Development of training on scientific research process (1/2 day)
  • Development of training on quantitative and statistical analyses in design (1/2 day)


  • Development of training on cognitive psychology (1 day)